Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Knitting at Food & Friends

It's been ages since I've made an entry on this poor blog. In noticing this, Genia made the excellent suggestion that we should use this space to share what's going on in our knitting groups that meet all over the D.C. Metro area. I could do a little outreach and see if I can get people to send me a quick email and maybe even some pictures of what these groups are up to. Sound good? Anyone? I think that will be a great project for the new year. 'Til then, here's a quick run-down of the Food & Friends knitting group meeting yesterday.

Last night was the last meeting of the knitting group at Food & Friends. This is a project where knitters from al over the DC area are hand knitting scarves for the clients of Food & Friends, a non-profit whose mission is to deliver hot meals to the homes of people in the area who are living with cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Because it was so bitterly cold outside I thought I'd rather drive than deal with the Metro, but instead I ended up snarled in evening rush-hour traffic. I arrived a bit late to see that the Post reporter and photographer were there shooting pictures for a spread they are doing about knitting that will appear in the January 6th Weekend Magazine of the Washington Post. I brought all of the items that I have completed since the last meeting, and the little three-pointed I-cord knot hats were a big hit.

Just as the photographer was lamenting the fact that he didn't have any shots of men knitting, a guy came breezing in. He had sent us an email earlier saying that he wanted to knit a blanket for his girlfriend for Christmas. I told him to go to Stitch DC and they would direct him on what yarn and needles to buy. He came with a lovely bulky yarn and size 19 needles. The ladies at Stitch DC taught him the long tail cast on and the knit stitch and he picked up both right away. In fact, he arrived with about 45 stitches already cast on to his gigantic needle. I showed him how to figure out how many stitches to cast on for his blanket, and he was all set. We were all duly impressed at how incredibly quickly he was able to "get it" and start knitting away on his own. I told him that his girlfriend is a lucky girl and that she will be thrilled with whatever he makes for her.


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