Tuesday, May 03, 2005

MD S & W Strategies

Those who are not fiber enthusiasts might think our passions odd and our excitement about the upcoming MD S & W Festival unbelievable. But my fellow fiber-obsessed knitting compatriots might appreciate the following bits of advice on how to best manage one's time, and energy at the festival.

A fellow DC knitter posted the following advice on making the most of the festival:

1. Go with a shopping list. Really. Look at yourpattern books, say to yourself "Hmmmm, I've always wanted to make this, but couldn't find something I liked." On your shopping list, write down gauge and yardage you need, and think about fibers. Double check your math and remember to make a note somewherethat you looked at this pattern, so when you get home you don't say, "Why did I buy 1000 yards of WhiteMohair?" Incidentally, the shopping list keeps thingsin perspectives too - cuts down on too many impulse buys.

2. Develop a game plan. I've been twice - I like to hit the upper barns first, then the big barn, and loop around the back and to the right. In my mind, themost expensive (and most predictable stuff) is in the big barn and most folks go there first. So, I'm morelikely to find a bargain in the upper barns (where thebooths are less expensive).

3. Remember. You're there to buy yarn and roving.Not to see demonstrations. Not to buy soap or ducks or any of the other crap that makes it's way in. Stayon target. Although, one of my favorite pottery studios shows here - The Dancing Pig. Visit theirbooth, just cause they're fun and they sell neatstuff.

4. Go with a buddy. They'll help dissuade you from crap you really don't need - like a whole mess of acryllic - you know - just cause it's on sale.

5. Other recommendations? Steer clear of the boothsat the entrance - I find it's all trash or over-priced (Misty Mountains is usually near the entrance, and they've got some good deals, though. I usually stop on my way out). Be sure and get a program, and make a plan to look through it before you get too far and find the booths you must see. Don't eat anythingsweet from the vendors until you've done some shopping(I'd hate to see you get a cramp from too many funnelcakes). :)

Check Claudia's blog for more sage MD S& W advice.


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